Client: Mortgage Plus
Location: Kalamazoo, MI
Industry: Mortgage Company


Project Notes:
This ad is part of the company's effort to reposition itself as a "Trusted Local Lender" amongst the endless "CALL TODAY!!" advertisers in the mortgage industry.

Length: 60 Seconds

Services Provided: All audio recording, editing and mastering. Script writing. Ad buying and placement in Kalamazoo, MI market.

Don't sound (or look) like everyone else...
Many choose to let the local stations produce their radio and TV ads for them. Although convenient to do so, it's likely that you'll end-up with the same production team and voice talent that was used for your competitor's spot. You are DIFFERENT and BETTER aren't you? We approach every project different from the last. We have a "pool" of voice talent to choose from to give your spot it's own unique sound, feel and identity.

RMG'S Leverage:
Our SW Michigan clients will benefit from our close working relationships with local radio and television stations. We leverage the weight of this relationship when negotiating spot pricing and ad programs for our clients.

Our relationship with these companies may be the difference between YOU getting valuable ad inventory during a particularly busy time (holidays, elections etc...) and your competitor.

Audio Production:
Radio Ads
On-Hold Telephone Recordings
Corporate Training, Sales and Recruiting CD's and distribution.

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